3 Vital Features of Premium Web Host Services

There are so many companies which rely on cheap web host plans today that are randomly available all over the internet. However, they are unsure of the risk that it can bring to the overall image of the company. In case any unanticipated events take place, such as the resignation of the IT personnel who had set the entire plan for a company, one will end up losing all their data or in some cases, even their entire business.

The need and importance of a reliable hosting plan cannot be overly emphasized. In fact, if your website is one of the chief sources by which you run your business, you will be ending up acquiring leads from here.

We present before you a few of the vital features that a business can gain through premium host services for their website.

Monitoring and Security

It was averaged that approximately, on an average about 35,000 websites get hacked, every single day! Hackers would for no reason, single out your website and they will explore any vulnerability to hack your website too.

When you host your website from a reliable company, you will be able to forestall untoward and unexpected incidents. They ensure to implement impenetrable firewalls and server side security services, which are well customized and properly built in as per your site’s requirement. The security protocols provided through a secure plan will be usually layered. These professionals are 24×7 monitoring your site to steer away from any kind of attacks that they feel susceptible to. Ideally, only a few plugins would be permitted as because the more they are in number, the more your site would be a vulnerability source for the hackers.


Getting premium host services does endow in proprietary technology so that it can enable a much faster load time. This also provides you with CDN or content delivery networks which help a quicker gateway for customers to browse through the website’s content impeccably and quickly. This way you can draw in probable customers quicker and convert them as your valuable lead. Not only this, it also helps to develop and improve the overall performance of SEO since load time is an essential factor which Google utilizes for page ranking.

Internet users are quite important for any business website and they would not allot more than 2 seconds for the page to load. If the time precedes this limit, they will not take time to move ahead to another website. Even every second that’s delayed does affect the overall conversation and satisfaction of the customer by about 10 percent. A reliable plan will help you to eventually gain a good ROI.

Easy Backup and Restore

You need to ensure that your website gets backed up every single day. Getting it restored must be clear and easy. A plan from a consistent web host service helps to automate this backup feature and keeps the backup for about a month. Others will allow you to back up only though a click, which tends to be highly convenient when someone wants to update their site. In fact, if you want to undo the changes that you made, you could do so by merely clicking it.

A plan that’s cheap, will provide you with restore and backup procedure, however it’s usually time consuming and not quite effective. They also come with the potential of bringing your site down.

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Deam Lee