Best Sites for Freelance Content Writers in India

Not all content writing sites welcome writers from all countries. Similarly, there are sites which restrict Indian content writers. Sadly, most writers are not aware about this scenario and end up searching for a platform, without any result.

Here are the best 5 content writing sites which are recommended to all Indian freelance content writers.

  1. Contentmart

The largest content marketplace in India, Contentmart takes its writers on a world tour by inviting projects from globalised clients. The extremely organised and user-friendly portal is the best place to develop a career in freelance content writing. From articles to blogs to web content; clients constantly post their requirements and provide lot of opportunities to the writers. From web to Fashion copywriters, each can find immense growth and unlimited prospects in Contentmart.

  • Guru

This online content writing agency with maximum users from all around the world including Indians writers creates a platform that offers consistent growth and numerous work opportunities to the passionate content writers. It, being a reputed platform, enables writers to find the right opportunity and provides lucrative benefits against quality. By offering high-quality content writing services; writers establish a rewarding career, develop long-term relationship with clients and above all, become a part of a long legacy.

  • Work n Hire

It is one such platform that exposes Indian content writers to the world. It allows global clients to select writers based on their specific locations. From entertainment to academic projects; the portal abounds in lots of project requirements. And if writers can do good justice to the work requirements; excellent payments are sure to follow. Presently, the site is also in need of quality freelance writers, especially the Fashion copywriters. Overall, the site is hassle-free, provides flexibility and maintains strong security provisions.

  • WriterBay

For those who are interested in academic or technical writing, WriterBay is the best destination. A platform seeking serious writers having good knowledge in respective subjects; it promises consistent growth and steady income. Those having expert knowledge in various subjects from Marketing and Management to Art, Culture and Lifestyle; can register on this portal and make the most of their freelancing career. WriterBay has a clean dashboard, secured payment gateway and good service for the writers.

  • Fiverr

Where the above sites specifically cater to writing; Fiverr is a complete freelancing portal extending beyond content writing. This online content writing agency creates a dynamic environment where writers enjoy working with global clients and can maximise their earnings according to their quality of work. By offering content writing services in any niches; writers can make good income from this portal. From Fashion copywriters to article and blog writers, Fiverr holds lot of prospects for all.

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