Content Marketing Services: What They Look Like for You

  If you are a marketing manager or business owner who understands how important content marketing is, you know you just have so much energy, ability and time. Because of this, you will wish to hire an agency to perform the content marketing for your businesses. Here are some of the parts of content marketing to think about as you decide whether or not to hire content marketing services.

Planning Content for Marketing

As you plan out marketing content, you will need to include things like what you must talk about and details of when to schedule it.

  • Topic- This is based upon the business market you are in and what interests and helps your target audience. Your topic and the keywords used will largely impact how you will show up to people as Google crawls to your website.
  • Kind of content- After selecting a topic, there are a lot of content you can make. While blogging is quite common, remember eBooks, podcasts and emails.


  • Scheduling-It is important to have a regular flow of fresh content on your website to let your visitors return for more and make Google know that you have a relevant site.

Creating Your Content

Creating the content can be exciting if you are into it; however, can be a big workload if you aren’t. It is just imperative to be realistic on the time involved for writing blog posts, setting up emails as well as shooting and editing a video. Here are your options in terms of creating content.

  • DIY- If you have a small business or marketing department, consider creating content on your own. It cannot hurt to try and this will provide you better idea of the things involved after you try to do it yourself.
  • In-house-You have a marketing department or business that is big enough, consider hiring a staff. While you still have to manage your stuff, you do not create content yourself.


  • Outsourcing-Freelance writers are available online. You still have to be involved in the creation of content and manage as well as approve the created content.
  • Agency-While a more expensive option, it can make sense. Hiring out content marketing services to an agency frees you from handling the whole process that includes scheduling, publishing and sharing. Also, some of these agencies like Clayton Johnson SEO services offer related services meant to boost your presence online.

Sharing Your Content

After having an impressive content, you will wish to share it. You have many options here including.

  • Social Media-Twitters, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are some of the excellent ways to share your content to the world.


  • Search Engines- Although this involves less control, publishing your content with the right technical search engine optimization (SEO) factors allows your content to rank for search engine queries. This option allows your content to have more views over time offering you an increasing number of website visitors who express interest in your content.

Author Bio – Clayton Johnson is an SEO consultant and freelance writer. He specializes in SEO writing and internet marketing.

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