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Rosterfy is an international-leading, digital workforce management platform. It could place you, the organizer, in a powerful capacity to employ a completely integrated scheduling software in connection with your event staff and the volunteers. It is common knowledge among the educated circles that whether your event requires 20 or 20,000 registrations, the act of becoming engaged in spreadsheets and chasing the staff volunteers to fill the shifts regarding your event is greatly laden with stress.

The program of Rosterfy assists you through minimizing the manual hours with the help of activity that aligns all of your event staffing reports in a single centralized order of events. This could be referred to as a platform that is constructed by the workforce managers for the event workforce managers.

The experience of the digital platform

  1. Rendering the software as your own.
  2. Recruiting your team.
  3. Configuring your event.
  4. Perform Scheduling of your team.
  5. Conduct an event that is smooth.
  6. Team recognition.

You could render the platform as your own portal and customize the user, being you, as your console and volunteer the portal in association your style and brand. You could be in a strong position to get yourself ready along with your own custom registration form/s or upload your existing structured set of data with the electronic tools of migration.

Organising your team with the software

The customized emails and the templates could be prepared by you and you would be equipped with the stunning capacity to track all of your email activity and the anticipated SMS activity in addition to analysis of the just mentioned activity of email for the optimization task in the period of time following the present, meaning in future. This rostering tool could also help you in the matching of your staff and the volunteers to the shifts and the availability with visibility of their history, applications, alterations and the withdrawals. The event shifts, roles and positions would be expectedly produced, by electronic rostering, comfortably by you, furthermore, you could also track the user acceptance to the schedules loaded with real time monitoring of attendance.

The multi lingual management tool

The appreciation that you harbor within yourself pertaining to a past event email, photographs, summary of an event, impending opportunities and the volunteer certification would be expressed by you drawing upon the program. You could upgrade the management process relating to your staff and volunteer being equipped with a free of cost consultation with the supplier of your platform spanning over half an hour. In case you aspire for a platform in an assortment of languages then you should not construe this as a hindrance! you may rest confidently keeping in view the actuality that workforce program is already bolstering the event staff as well the volunteer managers throughout the world in managing their episodes embracing a multitude of languages. Thus, this platform permits you to implement numerous media of communication onto a single program. Dynamic reporting tool, digital workforce management, possesses the wonderful capacity to accomplish all of your reporting within seconds!

 Dynamic tool for reporting

 You should draw advantage from human resource software’s vigorous and flexible tool for reporting that is appropriate for your requirements. Though it is not limited to, but it comprises the shift summaries, time-sheets, training reports and the check-in data. You would discover that all the reporting information would be comfortably accessible and well prepared for getting downloaded across a number of multi-media. The management software is envisaged to review all the pertinent candidates considering their shift hours that are allowed per week, academic qualifications, location preference and the time of day plus it fills your event shifts for you, well in place to be reviewed by you! As a management professional, you could maintain an engaged and loyal workforce by benefitting from the customizable reward and recognition characteristics of the workforce administrative network.

The revolutionary means to industrial ends

This platform is constantly being evolved and enhanced so as to support you concerning successful outcomes of your event/s. The software is adroit to deliver a plan of action that continually forces the boundaries outwards and extend to you a progressive and industry-leading solution. In view of the present composition, it is greatly hoped that you would exert to administer your business operations in a remarkably efficient as well as effective fashion. It is anticipated that in the coming years the Rosterfy would serve your needs in a manner novel to you and with a precision untold of before.

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