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Becoming a photographer – tips and advice from specialists

Some people think that being a great photographer is a gift. On the one hand, you really need to have certain skills and understanding but, on the other hand, if you want to become an amazing photographer, you can learn it. It will take time, a lot of patience and, of course, practice. Without practicing a lot and applying various rules and techniques, you will not be able to understand how real masterpieces were created.

Top four rules of photography

There are simple techniques and rules practiced ad applied by photographers that have been proven to be the best for creating a good photo. Applying these rules and editing pictures in a good photo editor thinner will bring you an excellent result.

  1. If you think that the object in your photo must be in the middle, you are definitely mistaken. There is so-called the rule of thirds. What is that? In simple words, your photo will be much better, if the object in it will not be centered. Imagine that the picture is divided into nine equal parts by lines. The best place for the object to be placed is the place where two lines are crossed.
  2. Learn the settings of your camera. You must know all functions and potential of your camera. It will greatly influence the quality of your work. If you think that auto mode is ok for taking pictures in different settings and day time, you are wrong. Day and night shooting require different camera settings.
  3. Always take images in full resolution. Do not low down the quality of your images because you lack memory in your camera – it is a lame excuse. If it is possible, take pictures in RAW format. You will not be able to fix bad JPG image but you will be able to do it with RAW images.
  4. Find decent photo editor to improve quality of images and removing slight imperfections. No matter how brilliant you are as photographer, you need to edit your photos.


iPiccy – the best online image editing tool

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