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Smoking cigarettes is an old and smelly habit of the past that still manages to find its way into the social circles of people everywhere. This is still the case even though it has been known for a very long time and has been proven that cigarettes are extremely harmful to people’s health. They cause heart disease, lung disease, cancer and a whole host of other problems, and yet for people who smoke, quitting is one of the hardest things to do. For those people who want to quit smoking and get healthy again, but want to do it gradually and would still like some nicotine, then e-cigarettes and their accessories are the best way to go. E-cigarettes can help anybody quit smoking, and do so in flavourful style. There is a wide variety of different accessories that you can get to make your e-smoking experience that much better.

E-Cig Chargers

One of the most important things for anyone using an e-cigarette to have is a charger. These devices run on batteries that can usually not be replaced as easily as your standard AA batteries. Therefore, it’s necessary to get yourself a good charger that is durable, will charge your e-cig quickly and will allow the battery life to remain at optimal capacity. For your convenience, there are multiple different styles and types of chargers. For those who often have their laptop or another mobile device with them, there are USB chargers that can be hooked straight into any USB port. There are of course also wall plug chargers as well that can be plugged into any electrical outlet. The best place to get e-cig accessories such as these is online because it’s just a whole lot easier.

Replacement Batteries

E-cigarettes do require a special type of battery that has been specifically designed to fit the make and model of the e-cig in question. This does not mean that once the battery dies you need to get a new e-cig altogether. Simply look up your make and model number, and find the right replacement rechargeable battery for your e-cig. These batteries can come in various colours to make things a little more entertaining, and the even come in multi-packs as well to make things a little more convenient.

Heating Elements and Coils

Another really important component of the e-cig is the coil or heating element, which is the piece that heats up and vaporises the e-cig liquid. Without this piece an e-cig is useless, and when it breaks it will require replacement. That’s why when you go online there are a number of different types of coils to suit your needs.

Mouthpieces and Chambers

Another e-cig accessory that you can find online is the chamber. The liquid chamber is where the e-cig liquid is held until vaporisation; with a bigger chamber you can vaporise more liquid and refill it less often. Going hand in hand with the chamber is the mouthpiece that attaches to it. Don’t suck on an old and dirty mouthpiece when you could replace it online for a fraction of the cost.

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