Know How You Can Charge Your iphone 6 Faster by Using Your ipad Charger and Vice Versa

Recent days everyone gets habituated to the phone and using a smartphone or tablet has become a symbol of the status. However, the problem exists with the charging of the smartphone as it will not hold for a long time or a whole day. So, the best plan is to find the ways to charge smartphone faster.

There are some observations from a group saying that by using ipad charger to charge iphone helps to charge it rapidly. Using of ipad charger to the iphone 6 mobile makes the battery to get charge quickly. Based on the power supply it gets charged, at different speed.

Iphone 6 accepts more energy, so you can notice the charging levels and time required, when you connect your iphone to a computer.

It is recommended that higher amperage controls the electricity flow in the smartphones from a charger to the battery. It helps to prevent the phone from damage, with the over flow of electricity into the batteries.

For example, if the iphone takes three hours to charge the battery fully then the ipad charger takes less time. An experiment is conducted to know the better result and record the variations of using both the charges.

Testing of ipad adapter to charge iphone 6

To conduct the test, we need to take iphone 6 with zero battery charge. Charge it with different power charges and observe the changes in the time required to charge the battery. You can identify using ipad charger decreases the time as well as increases the battery charging level. It makes the user free from keeping the smartphones on charge for the whole night.

Only half the time is required for the battery charging from the time taken by the iphone charger. One of the best features of phone 6 is, it draws only certain extent of power which it can control safely. So, we can use any adapter to charge it. When it exceeds a particular charging level like 80%, it slows the charging rate, to increase the lifespan of the battery.

Likewise, we can use the low output chargers like iphone power adapter to charge an ipad, but it takes a long time to make the battery full. It will not damage the ipad but it decreases the patience of the user in using it.

Benefits of using ipad adapter

The ipad charger charges iphone faster compared to the regular power adapters. The iphone charger handles only 1 amp of energy compared to ipad charger, which handles 2.1 amps.

  • The ipad adapter impacts on the battery instantly.
  • Reduces the time to charge the battery.
  • Makes the battery to run for a long time.
  • Increases the performance of the iphone 6.
  • It is affordable by everyone.

The internal charger is responsible to regulate the power supply where as not the power adaptors. From this it is clear; the battery of the iphone regulates the power supply. So, using an ipad charger to charge the iphone 6 will neither damages the smartphone nor decreases the battery lifespan.


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