Lucky Stiff Guide, Learn To Unlock Your iPhone

Do you know about iCloud unlocking system or feature? As such there is no degree or special skill set available. In fact, no technical qualifications also to show off and inform about the unlocking system of iCloud. Only one thing makes you an expert and that is testing.

Here is the Lucky stiff guide that reveals the steps of unlocking the iPhone and it is simple.

  • Pay a visit to the recommended services as mentioned below.
  • Enter your serial number or IMEI of your device or iPhone.
  • In your active iPhone dial *#06# so that you receive your IMEI or go to settings- click General – click About- Scroll down to know the IMEI number.
  • In case your iPhone is not active as per the activation screen, then you can find on the screen an ‘i’ as icon. All you have to do is tap that button and get your IMEI number.
  • Now, it is your turn to wait for the information about your iCloud lock being unlocked.
  • Once you receive confirmation, create a new account and begin using the device.

Thus this work for all the iPhones of Apple and you can get it unlocked effortlessly. This was not known earlier and the test was done to get iCloud working. Lucky Stiff conducted the test. First, he Googled about iCloud unlocks providers and came up with a list. From that list, he eliminated the ones that were not providing services or were inactive, thus he had nine services to test.

Among the nine service operators, only three were listed down. As testing all the 9 operators were difficult, he started reviewing websites to weed the dodgy operators and not to waste time on such operators with rigorous testing methods. Thus on doing a detailed research and going through the reviews, he found an average score of providers. Thus he slashed the names of the lowest scores that were the last six and had only three to last.

To ensure the devices were tested with each provider thoroughly, he requested to get iPhones that required unlocking. Among all the providers the right iCloud unlock provider for iPhones was IMEI. He also had the best rating and was tested. IMEI alone came out as the top. The advantage is that each device was unlocked by IMEI. They were gives iPhone 4s 5s, 5c, 6 and 6sand they unlocked every single device and it was a successful start. Besides they did this job deftly and in a short time. The time taken to complete the six iPhones handed to them for unlocking took them as 8 days in total.

The iPhones 4s, 5s and 5c just took a day’s time, while iPhone 5, 6 and 6s took 2 days to complete. Taking into comparison, most other iCloud unlock providers took a week’s time to unlock the iPhones, IMEI was a stellar performer. There was no taking back and it was clear that now iPhones could be unlocked with ease.

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