Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Duties

There is an excellent question many businesses struggle with;that is, to hire or not to hire a third-party digital marketing company or a professional? Read ahead to find out about the pros and cons to make up your mind:


Get Professional Assistance

One of the biggest pros of hiring a third-party digital marketing service is that your business can benefit from expert and professional assistance. For example, an experienced SEO Company will be able to do keyword research and implement strategies that those without experience will not be able to do right away. If you are new to digital marketing, the professionals will be able to give you valuable advice and shape you up to meet challenges in the future.

Cheaper than Hiring a Full-Time Employee

Small businesses in particular may find it financially difficult to hire a full-time digital marketing employee. If this is the case, hiring a marketing freelancer on a temporary basis could be more budget-friendly. You may even be able to hire a freelancer for a long-term contract delegating specific tasks for a fee less than what you would have to pay for a full-time employee.

Maintain a Regular Social Media Presence

Social media is a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy. However, small businesses that prefer to do things in-house may find it difficult to maintain a regular social media presence in addition to other duties. Outdating social media feeds can be as bad as having no social media presence at all. Therefore, you can hire a marketing freelancer to promote content and posts on your company’s social media sites for an affordable price.


It can be Expensive

In some instances, hiring outside digital marketing help can be quite expensive. This usually happens when you hire digital marketing consultants, who are professionals that charge premium rates. Freelancers are usually cheaper. But, if you hire a popular or experienced consultant, you could end up spending a lot. Money can be an issue for long-term contracts as well. If you enter into a full-blown contract with a third-party marketer, you could end up paying a fee even during the months that they do not need to do any work. So, be careful when hiring consultants and getting into long-term contracts that span years.

Privacy could be an Issue

This is a minor concern, but still a concern. Outside freelancers can become privy to sensitive business secrets of your company. Most freelancers are highly professional. However, it’s always best to be on the safe side. So, before you hire a third-party digital marketer, always check that person or agency’s reputation online. Ask around about the company and read online reviews. When you are hiring cheap freelancers, do not give them access to everything on a project. Limit access only to the information that tasks at hand requires.

You may Not Need to Outsource

Some digital marketing needs can be done by an in-house employee without any need for outsourcing. If you need to time your Facebook posts, for example, you can easily automate these tasks using software freely available online. You don’t need to hire anyone to conduct really medial tasks. An intern or another employee will be able to handle these.

Whether outsourcing digital marketing is beneficial or not will depend on your company’s situation. Consider both the pros and cons mentioned above and decide carefully whether outsourcing will be worth the price.

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Deam Lee