SEO- A Brief Guide for Every SEO Professional

Search engine optimization is a fundamental marketing techniques which positions the site at top searches so that people can find the businesses, products and services in the buying process. More traffic means more earnings and hence, profits. Every web master struggles to get the top positions on the search engines. SEO has become more challenging for the professionals because they have to get familiar with the Google’s guidelines before implementing any SEO technique. The SEO has changed a lot as compared to the early times when it was based on link building and keyword stuffing. In those days, web masters with more links from other sites made a lot of money. However, Google’s updates kept slapping these positions with the passage of time.

What should be your take on SEO

If you are planning to implement SEO on your site, following should be kept in mind:

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  • High quality content- The content will always rule the search engines. The quality of the content matters a lot because the search engines want to offer the information to the readers rather than just a piece of copied content. Well- researched and original articles and blog posts will rank better on the search engines. Gone are the days, when 300 words article was enough to be posted. Nowadays, you have to write about 1200- 1500 word posts as to improve the rankings on the search engines.
  • Performance- It is important for the web masters to improve the speed of the site because it is likely to matter a lot in SEO these days.
  • Authority- The site should be able to fetch the authority links from high quality sites. Alternatively, your site should be used by the authority sites as a reference.
  • User’s experience- The site’s navigation, its look & feel and bounce rate also play a vital role in ranking it on top searches of search engines.

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What should be avoided

There are some old practices which should be avoided if you want to get better rankings on the search engines as mentioned below:

  • Keyword stuffing- if you are still including a lot of keywords in your content, Google is likely to slash it down in sometime.
  • Purchased links- Don’t think of buying links from anywhere when it comes to SEO.
  • Poor user’s experience- It is strongly recommended to make your site easy for the users. Too many ads will cover the content of the site making the bounce rate higher. The site should have friendly navigation.

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Don’t forget Social profiles

If you want to get better rankings on the search engines, it is highly recommended to create social profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You need to update your social pages on a regular basis because Google will closely watch every activity which you make for SEO.

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