Ten Ways Playing Video and Online Games Benefit your Child

Online and video games offer your children more than just fun. Here are the benefits of online games for children.

Fitness and Nutrition

A lot of games combine elements of nutrition, healthy living and fitness as the game’s main goal. In fact, some games present the primary goal on physical fitness aiming to encourage players to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Physical Activity

There are plenty of games of which operation requires some type of physical activity. Whether it is playing guitar or dancing, children can prefer to move instead of just sit on the couch the entire day.

Hand and Eye Coordination

Playing games can enhance the dexterity of your child which is quite useful to do everyday activities. A lot of kinds of exercises can be performed to enhance hand and eye coordination; however, they are less attractive for children to try.

Social Skills

Lack of ability to interact with other people regularly can damage the development of a child and even cause depression. Kids who lack confidence and are shy when socializing with their friends are likely to find it easier to open up if they play online games at Jogos Friv. Online games allow children to interact with a lot of people.

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Increased Learning Ability

Complex games provide your child the chance to enhance cognitive skills like making decisions and solving problems. Video games and online games have grown to allow users to take control and think for themselves. Also, there are many games which encourage kids to be patient and creative to solve a puzzle before they can continue to the next level.

Fairness and Sportsmanship

Fair play and sportsmanship are values developed in organizations and sports. Games directly provide kids these values, particularly, if they compete with other players.

Stress Reduction

Like their parents, kids also experience some form of stress. A number of parents and teachers put demands and expectations that kids do not like such as in terms of their learning and hobbies. Playing games can be a way out for your child to escape all the pressure they may be facing and minimize their stress levels.


Some games like those available at Jeux de Friv require players to play as a team. Often, it is the team work that lets players succeed in the game.

Make People Happy

Playing games is a fun way to give your child the chance to be happy. But make sure you limit the time your child plays to prevent him from getting addicted to the game. Let your kid play games as often as possible but always remind him to stop.  Also, ensure that he is still doing social activities to prevent social isolation.


Overcoming Pain

Online and video games can allow a child dealing with emotional or physical pain to cope with their condition. This pain can be caused by a disease that can require a child to do activities only in his bedroom.

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