The “Must-Have” Mac Apps in your system

Having a Mac Book is always smarter than the Windows desktops or laptops for various reasons. If you are a proud owner of an Apple laptop then you should be aware of a couple of apps that are essential to have in your system. In the midst of over a million of free Mac software and paid apps, here we have a list of the most downloaded apps for the communication, productivity, media management, entertainment and so on.

Communication & Internet

  • Skype

Though not a satisfactory communication option for many, but the latest Skype version for the Mac has witnessed multiple changes and updates in the last year. But as a free version, Skype is good enough to handle video communications, chat sessions and phone calls conveniently with a medium to high-speed internet service.

If you are not happy with Skype, opting for the Google+ Hangouts is also a smarter choice. The latest OS X or iOS users can enjoy the Apple’s inbuilt Facetime as well for better communication from the Mac.

  • Chrome

If you want a non-Google browser, definitely you have the freedom to download Safari for the great styles or iCloud features. Firefox is also a good choice and stands to be one of the top downloaded browsers. But if you are a Google fan and want to stick to it even for your Mac Book, nothing can beat the heat of Chrome. The functional plug-ins and extensions comfortably sync with the Android devices, iOS, and the Chrome mobiles as well.

  • Adium

Besides the robust YakYak or simple iMessage- you can use the Adium popular among the Mac users for the simple chat interface. Easy to customize with relevant plug-ins and capable of syncing with the Google Hangouts using the Adium is also a smart communication option for the Apple computer owners.



  • aText

Save your valuable time with aText while typing on the Mac. Also known as the typing shortcut, this text expansion app recognizes the word you want after you put a combination of a few characters. It can also help you refer to the long and complex sentences that you often type on this. Writers or those who have to take quick notes often use this app in their Mac Books.

  • Alfred

Along with the Spotlight to Flashlight and Quicksilver- Alfred is one of the hottest application launchers for the Mac. Download the latest 3.1 Version that is adaptable with the new OS X.


  • VLC

For the majority Windows, Android, and Mac users, VLC is a quintessential media player. With its diverse features like playlists, video conversions, audio playback and good sound technology, VLC is probably there in all devices.


These are some of the most amazing yet convenient Mac apps that are literally “must-have” in your systems to make it a complete package. Though not all of these are available for free but some of the free ones also charge a few bucks on further upgrading. Choose the ones according to your choice as well.

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