Using The Social Media Effectively For Recruiting The Best Candidates

The process of recruiting good candidates is a long process which involves a lot of patient dedication. It involves the direct investment of a company’s resources with regards to money, manpower and time. Thus it needs to be done after taking into account all the pros and cons of the situation. This in turn gives rise to the question as to how deserving candidates can be sought after and filtered from the total group of candidates.

Herein the social media can be made to become a very handy tool. In fact the upsurge in the use of social media sites is proof of the reach and influence these sites have on the current generation. It has the potential of becoming one of the most effective recruitment tools available with recruiters today. Three of the most trending social network sites which can be used for this purpose are:

Media Effectively Recruiting

  • Twitter: This is a very popular micro-blogging site which can be successfully utilised to advertise and broadcast about new job openings by
    • Posting tweets related to the company and the job,
    • Making proper use of appropriate keywords and hashtags
    • Making use of tools available to ensure that the job openings are tweeted a number of times. This enhances its chances of reaching a wider range of the targeted audience.
  • Facebook: This is one of the most popular social media sites and helps to serve a dual purpose. Herein recruiters can create a
    • Profile of the company and keep it updated so that candidates can easily get to know about its mission and vision and
    • A section thereby regularly informing its visitors and subscribers about career options with the company.

In fact routine posting of news about job openings also show up on the news feeds of people attached to the profile page in some way or the other. This helps to reach a much wider audience than in any other social media platform.

  • LinkedIn: This is a very popular and immensely successful social media site. It is regularly used by the hiring managers and other human resource professionals. This is because this site has been created exclusively for giving a platform for working professionals having common interests to come together. It is one of the greatest social media recruitment tools today because it enables the recruiter to
    • Post its job requirements and
    • Also seek referrals and recommendations from its members.

There are other sites like Google+ and Pinterest which are relatively new. Pinterest has a visual appeal which is its biggest attraction while the potential of Google+ as a recruiting tool has yet to be explored.

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Deam Lee