What Courses Should You Do to Become a Stenographer?

The position of a stenographer is profession where a person uses a stenography machine to note down the records, which includes court testimonies, legislative session proceedings, depositions and other such works.

They are also known as court reporters, who are responsible for making a record of all sorts of legal proceedings. Stenographers mostly work under the local and state government. A stenographer pays attention to every minute detail of a case and then translates his codes into plain text. Stenographer job vacancies in the present time are a boon for the job seekers, who want to start their career in this field.

If you are interested to become a stenographer, there are some courses that you need to complete in order become a full time professional.

Complete High School Studies:

To get an admission into stenography, one should finish his high school studies or G.E.D first of all. On the other hand, he should practise typing during free time and become an expert. This will help to increase the typing speed, which is very much essential during the later stages.

Complete Your Associate’s Degree Program:

There are many colleges and technical schools that offer full-time studies for extended associate’s degree programs in court stenograph, which takes a time period of 3 years. This is 3 months more than the normal process, but they will train you how to use computerised transcription and stenography machines.

During these 3 years of study, one can become familiar with legal terminology, courtroom procedures and medical terminologies. So, it will be an added advantage on the way to becoming a stenographer.

Secure Certification:

The certification requirement depends on the state’s regulations. In some cases, stenographers need to pass written examinations conducted by the individual state. NCRA’s Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) is one of the essential credentials that every stenographer should obtain in order to become a full-fledged stenographer.

Now the important question that comes to the mind is who is eligible for it.

Aspirants who have completed their graduation are eligible to apply for this job, provided they have completed their study from a recognised university. A stenographer should be expert in using shorthand so that he can capture the proceedings word-by-word.

Stenography is an interesting profession as one doesn’t have to look for age and time to kick-start a career in this field. Apart from that, constant stenographer job vacancies boost the willpower to join this profession.

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