What hosting to choose for your WordPress site?

WordPress is the most used software for creating websites. If you choose WordPress to edit your site, you will need to start by finding suitable hosting. This is an unavoidable first step. It is only once you have found a web host that you can install WordPress adjust the settings and edit the content of your website. How to choose your accommodation? There are a large number of solutions and hosting offers for WordPress sites (shared server, dedicated, VPS, specific WordPress offer like WP Engine). It’s easy to get lost when you’re not an expert on the subject.

 The choice of the hosting solution your actual needs in terms of performance (number of visits per month in particular), but also the maintenance mode. We will end with a zoom on the main solutions currently available on the market in dedicated hosting WordPress or shared hosting. This article is aimed primarily at project owners wishing to create a site themselves under WordPress or at least have access to the hosting, without having technical skills. The objective of this article is to demonstrate that it is now possible to create its website under WordPress without being a computer pro, whatever the chosen (or almost) hosting solution..

There are possible solutions to host a WordPress site: the shared server, the dedicated server, the VPS, the cloud and finally the hosting offers dedicated to WordPress. The hosting company is a company that proposes to host your website on its servers. The hosting company is one that offers the service of hosting: dedicated or shared. The websites all need to be hosted on (physical) servers in order to be accessible to Internet users. The server acts as an interface between the content of the website (present in the database) and the user who wants to access from any web browser (Chrome, It could be said, basically, that the server 1 / stores the various files of the website and 2 / puts the content of the site at the disposal of the Internet users who wish to access it. Without hosting (on a server), your site can not be accessible to users. In these circumstances, it is important to understand the decisive importance of finding not only accommodation but also good accommodation.

 Here are the best free WordPress web hosting possible hosting solutions for a site using WordPress software. Shared server: an inexpensive but limited solution Shared hosting offers are the cheapest, but also the most limited, paying offers. A shared server is a server that is used by several sites, which is shared (shared) between several clients of the host. By choosing a shared server, your WordPress site will be stored in a server compartment. In other words: your site does not have a server on its own. The shared server is a kind of colocation. It is the host that configures the server. The same configuration is imposed on all sites hosted on the server in question. You also have no control over server maintenance. This is also the host who takes care of A to Z maintenance. Note: this disadvantage can turn into an advantage, if you do not want to take care of the maintenance. The performance of hosting on a shared server is very average and very variable. For a simple reason being that the server resources are shared between several websites.

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